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All self-defense products on the market have a purpose. Our purpose was to fill the gap between your reaction time and contact with an attacker. We wanted to make something out of the box.

Something that...

you can't drop :: you don't have to reach for :: the wind can't blow back

can't be taken and used against me :: is always ready

It also had to serve other purposes, so not to become out of sight and out of mind.

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Women Are Done Being Silent

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We have been fighting our entire lives. We aren't "survivors," we're warriors.

The Fight

We Want You To Be... inspired. driven. empowered.

Once you place Girl Gloves on your hands, you will feel like you can take on the world. Slow down! You should be having feelings. You should feel: 


Search for a self-defense class near you. Most will offer a free trial class. Any type of training is a good start. We prefer Krav Maga because it focuses on movements that would be normal reflexes, but you are taught to use those reflexes in an effective set of moves for close combat. Repetition breeds muscle memory and that keeps you prepared. Be inspired to learn additional self-defense moves. Be inspired to learn how to defend yourself. Be inspired to never be a victim.


Start making your newly learned self-defense moves part of your normal fitness routine. Even if your fitness routine is pushing the stroller to the park and back, work these moves into daily exercises. Repetition is key. Muscle memory is real and your reflexes will naturally take over when the time comes. Be driven to learn the the techniques. Be driven to protect your body. Be driven to become the bad-ass woman you know you are. 


Spread the word about how much better you feel about yourself. Once you have trained yourself and put in the work, you will naturally feel good about yourself, your abilities, and your safety. Lacking self-confidence leads to failure in most of life's moments. Being able to defend yourself in a situation is one part, but the confidence in knowing that you can handle the situation is what empowers you. Be empowered by your femininity. Be empowered by your intellect. Be empowered by your Girl Gloves

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