About Girl Gloves

I know the feeling of being paralyzed with fear, after fighting, screaming and trying to get away. I know what it feels like, in an instant, to lose and have defeat fully wash over you, leaving you empty. The emptiest you have ever felt. You hold back tears and fight, up until that last minute, and then it happens and you can’t move anymore. You can’t scream anymore. You can’t fight anymore. You have no idea why. Looking back, maybe it’s just because I knew I lost, or because it didn’t seem to matter anymore or maybe it was because I was exhausted from fighting; trying to escape. Either way, that didn’t make it consensual.

I was a woman alone and that is enough to be a target. I had a stun gun in my purse and pepper spray on my keys, I walked with a purpose and knew where my car was. That didn’t matter. There was no time. Not knowing how to throw a punch made things worse. Making contact does nothing to him. I got tired quickly and left my right side open when I swung, making for a quick take down. I can remember seeing my purse with my left eye, while my face was pressed against the concrete floor. My stun gun, out of reach, and my pepper spray never having a chance, my only source of defense was throwing punches that made no difference.

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That was one of the moments that contributed to the creation of . They are not a fashion accessory; though we like the way they look. are women’s self defense gloves giving you a weapon that you never have to carry and can’t drop. will help you . Three key areas are reinforced for optimal impact, making every hit count. When you make a fist, your fingers, knuckles and the sides of your hands will become weapons. are lightweight and comfortable, and offer protection for your hands during other activities.

Armored gloves are not a replacement for learning how to use your hands for self-defense. They won't magically make you a martial arts expert. What we hope, is that they will inspire. you to learn self-defense techniques, drive. you to be confident in protecting yourself and empower. you with the hands of a warrior. We hope that eventually the sight of a woman wearing will become a deterrent. If we can prevent just one rape or just one attack, we may not change the world for women, but we will have changed the world for that woman.

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