Love For Our Gloves Sorority Challenge

Make money for your sorority while making a difference. The statistics are not only frightening, but heart breaking. Every 9 seconds a woman is attacked. 1 in 5 women are the victim of a rape or attempted rape. What should really concern you though, is that a girl on a college campus has a 1 in 4 chance of being the victim of a rape or sexual assault.

It is our goal to help sororities everywhere draw attention to this issue, start a conversation and work together towards change.  are designed to give you the protection, strength and courage to , yet be comfortable enough for daily wear. Below are some of the ways that you could raise awareness and get traffic for a  fundraiser.

Social Media Campaign

Your sorority will utilize all aspects of social media to help increase your sales. Each sorority will take one group photo with the  name, logo, our website and your Greek letters or sorority name visible. Your house will be given a unique code that the purchaser can enter at checkout. This will give the buyer a special promotion and log the sale for your sorority. It is important that all sisters in your sorority share your posts and coupon codes. You may share other videos or pictures to help drive traffic to the website and you may invite friends and family to share your code as well. We want you to be creative, but be tasteful and respectful. Each post should use We recommend 5+ posts per week, minimum, during the contest and be sure to use a call to action to help women everywhere share, like and support what you are doing.

Invite Fraternities and Other Groups To Help

Team up with other groups and organizations. By having other groups share what you are doing, it provides additional opportunities for you to reach an audience outside of your sorority and base of friends. The more people that use your code, the more money your sorority makes. Simple.

Hold Online Parties

Go live and talk about different things women can do to stay safe, any personal experiences you are comfortable sharing, why you like and how they make you feel. Discuss fears you may have had (if you are comfortable with  sharing) while performing normal, everyday activities, like walking through a parking lot, jogging in the park, walking across campus, etc). Talk about the statistics and what needs to change. Direct listeners to .com and to enter your code at checkout.

Wear While Out

People will ask about them and you will have a conversation. We will be giving one free pair to each sorority that signs up and every sorority member will receive a one time code for a special discount on their own gloves.

Host a Party

Place pink and black balloons around campus with statistics and things women should be able to do without fear (walk alone on campus, jog, go to a party, etc.). 

Go Local and Non-Digital

Print up business cards or other collateral materials with your code and ask local stores if you can leave your materials or display in window. Self-defense studios, gyms, boutique shops will usually be happy to help with this cause.

Speak to a local or school newspaper, radio station or other media outlet about promoting your contest.


We want every sorority to be successful and, by working together, we can help raise awareness for the increased violence against women on college campuses.

Contact us through the form below for more information.

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