Our Mission

The mission of  is to inspire. drive. and empower. women to learn to defend themselves, build confidence and take control. Anybody can be proficient in anything which can be learned. When your life is your most precious asset, your ability to defend yourself should be a priority. We want you to slip on a pair of and be inspired to learn self defense. Almost every self defense class offers a free trial. Enroll. We also recommend watching Krav Maga Girl on YouTube. She has some excellent videos to give you an idea; and she has a great fitness workout incorporating Krav Maga techniques. Be driven to practice the techniques and hone your skills. Repetition is key to learning almost anything. Feel empowered knowing that you will not be an easy target.

We have designed to be comfortable and protective during many activities, not just self-defense. No matter what your activity, if the need arises, you are ready to fight at a moment's notice; and let's face it, a moment may be all you have. Wear while at the gym, running, pushing the stroller, walking across campus or anywhere else that you may see fit.  

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