Why girl gloves?

Self-defense is a touchy subject; everyone has an opinion. Here is ours. When an attack occurs on a woman, it happens quickly. Having pepper spray, a stun gun, firearm or other handheld weapon is a great idea, but it isn't always ready. Your hands are. Make every hit count in an instant with 

No weapon will be effective without training and that goes for your hands. We suggest that all women explore self-defense classes. We believe that Krav Maga is the most useful form of self-defense for women. Quick impulse movements and natural reflex, trained with muscle memory, will create an empowered woman.

When we train, we train with gloves, so now lets take gloves to the street with us and carry a weapon that is always at the ready. .

The design of is intended to create maximum impact for common hand strikes, particularly open fist, closed fist back-hand and hammer fist. The video below, by Krav Maga Girl is a great example of strikes you should be practicing daily. She is a wealth of information and has fitness videos incorporating self-defense moves. Stay fit and practice, practice, practice.

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